• Canadian Prairies District

    There are six chapters in GWRRA's Canadian Prairies District. The chapters are in the three prairie provinces of Canada: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    The Prairies District encompasses a wide variety of terrain but is mostly flat until you get into the foothills of Alberta.

  • Come Ride With Us

    The chapters often hold destination rides which feature lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    Each of the chapters in the district feature rides, social events, meetings and education. Check the calendar to see what's going on through the district.

  • District Rally July 2020

    Join us for the district riding rally in 2020. Check the rally page for more details.

GWRRA Prairies District

Chapter Links

Please follow these links to find out more about the chapters in our district.

Manitoba MB-A

Chapter MB-A is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Saskatchewan SK-D (Facebook)

Chapter SK-D operates out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Alberta AB-A

Chapter AB-A is in Calgary, Alberta.  The chapter meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at Fox Hollow Golf Course.  A number of members also gather each Sunday for breakfast, also at Fox Hollow.  CB channel 2

Ft. Asinaboine

Alberta AB-B

Chapter AB-B is in Edmonton Alberta.  They meet the second Tuesday of the month at Rosie's Restaurant. 

Alberta AB-C

Chapter AB-C is in Innisfail, Alberta.

Alberta AB-L (Facebook)

Chapter AB-L is in Lethbridge, Alberta and covers the far south portion of the province from the BC border to Saskatchewan.  AB-L meets each Saturday foir breakfast and once a month for dinner.   Members and Acquaintances welcome  DINNER 6:15PM  LUIGIS PIZZA AND STEAKHOUSE   306 13 ST NORTH   (PARKING IN THE REAR)